A Piece of the Mountain: Blaise Pascal

ebook | paperback

128 pages – independent reading level 5th grade & up

The story of Blaise Pascal, french mathematician and scientist, and dramatic convert to Christianity

middle school, junior high, & high school students will enjoy the focus on Pascal’s childhood and experiences as a young adult.






A Piece of the Mountain: Blaise Pascal
by Joyce McPherson

Blaise Pascal was one of the most important scientists and mathematicians of the 1600s. Not only was he a brilliant scientist, but he converted to Christianity as an adult and became a devoted apologist for the Christian faith. Of special interest to homeschooling families, this book recounts the recognition of Blaise’s remarkable talents by his father. The provisions the elder Pascal made for his son’s education are among the earliest and most successful examples of home schooling. For Christians, the account of Pascal’s conversion is particularly moving, as well as Pascal’s immediate response of sharing the Gospel with his father, sisters, and the nobleman who was his financial patron. The author, Joyce McPherson, is a homeschooling mother, with a science degree and a long admiration for Pascal. A great read-aloud for younger children.

Independent reading level is 5th-6th grade.

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ebook, paperback


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