The Ocean of Truth: Isaac Newton

ebook | paperback

144 pages – independent reading level 5th grade & up

The story of Sir Isaac Newton, natural philosopher, mathematician, author, and fervent Christian.

middle school, junior high, & high school students will enjoy the focus on Newton’s childhood and experiences as a young adult.




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The Ocean of Truth: Isaac Newton
by Joyce McPherson

A biography of one of the most significant scientists and mathematicians in human history. He invented Calculus, discovered the principles of gravity and motion, and made great strides in the study of light and the use of the experimental method. Sir Isaac Newton used his great works, Mathematical Principles
of Natural Philosophy and Opticks, to testify to God. He wrote: “The Supreme God is a Being eternal, infinite, absolutely perfect.” As he studied the Bible, he wrote thousands of pages of notes, which have never been published. Few people know that the man who discovered the “Laws of Motion” and Calculus, also wrote about God: “We must believe that he is the father of whom are all things, & that he loves his people as his children that they may mutually love him &
obey him as their father.” Newton anticipated issues that are still the subject of lively debate today, as when he wrote: “This most beautiful system of the sum, planets, and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of th an intelligent and powerful Being.”

Sir Isaac Newton is one of history’s most renowned scientists. He independently developed the mathematical technique known as Calculus, wrote a treatise on the properties of light and color that is still consulted by scientists, and worked out the mathematical details of the law of gravity. What is less well known is the depth of his Christian faith, and the amount of writing, speaking, and research he devoted to defenses of the tenets of Biblical belief. This book makes Newton come alive for readers. From the detailed account of the events that led to his conversion, his Christian faith plays a central role in this biography, as it did in his life.

Independent reading level is 5th-6th grade.

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