Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century

ebook | paperback

28 chapters, ~220 pages

reading level is 6th – 7th grade

younger students will enjoy hearing chapters read out loud

older students will benefit from the historical information




Famous Men of the 16th & 17th Century

by Robert G. Shearer

The 17th century was an age of religious wars and revolutions. The French had seven civil wars of religion from 1570-1590. The German Empire had a religious civil war from 1618-1648. The English had a civil war from 1642-1649.

It was also the century in which the English and French settlements were founding in North America at Jamestown, Plymouth, Boston, & Quebec.

But learning the wars will not convey to students what the times were like. Biographies will.

This volume includes 28 biographies from Queen Elizabeth I (who came to the throne in 1560) through King Louis XIV who died in 1715.

Written by historian, author, and homeschooling dad – Rob Shearer.

This volume is a worthy successor to the previous books in the Famous Men of. . . series.

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